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Friday, June 13, 2003

I'm Back! Did 'Ya Miss Me?

Tony Adragna
Among the several things that have conspired against recent updates is that I've been laid up with a nasty case of bronchitis(again! — 2nd time this year... you'd think I'd consider giving up that nasty smoking habit... NAH!!!)

If I had something worth writing, though, I would've done so anyway. And so it was on Wednesday when I read an AP report 'bout a woman who "had to pay an additional $100 fine for contempt of court" after "mak[ing] an anatomical reference in the memo portion of the $22 check she mailed to the New Brunswick Municipal Court."

But, just as I sat down to write a powerful thunderstorm blew through the area. Basement began flooding, power flickered on & off — in other words, I had more immediate concerns. By the time I got back to the desktop I forgot what I'd wanted to write — something sarcy, I'm sure.

Then, the same thing happened yesterday! I was repaired to write something 'bout another item AP reported — this on a DC Superior Court judge's dismissal of a challenge to the District's red light camera program. Alak & alas, right around 5 PM the power started flickering again — yesterday's storms were worse.

We even had a lightening strike in our backyard. I didn't believe Jason when he exclaimed, "That just hit our backyard!" Seeing a downed tree made a believer of me.

Anyway... the basement drains kept up with the incomeage, the tree didn't hit the house, and we didn't suffer an extended power outage... knock on wood...

Now, If could just get over this illness...